Honest Food is What We Do!

At Melt on the Gold Coast we absolutely love the

Dutch snack culture. 


This is why we have promised ourselves to only create

the best tasting Dutch snacks, using Australian products, while following authentic Dutch recipes. 


We locally source the freshest and best available ingredients and we mix these with love, passion and

the modern touch of Melt;  

Lifting these popular snacks to an absolute next level!


It’s not just about Dutch snacks at Melt though!


Soon we will expand our assortment to include luxury picnics, great tasting biscuits, delicious caramelized popcorn and much more.


At Melt we genuinely believe in providing the ultimate

tasting experience as Honest Food is What We Do!

"I had the privilege of being served the Dutch Cheese Soufflé .

The crisp golden shell was like a delicate barrier to the exquisite cheese centre.

It was perfect in portion size and consistency. This delicacy would sit well on any fine dining entree menu and would pair well with your favorite red or

white wine"

— Matt, Facebook review

"Delicious honest food that brings me back to

the Netherlands, a country

in which kroketten, frikandellen & cheese soufflées are eaten on a regular basis.

Would definitely recommend this to anyone to try out!

I can guarantee you won't

be disappointed!

— Linda, Facebook review

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