Kaassouffle Master Chef Melt on the Gold Coast

As a teenager Frank's love for food was sparked

when he started working in a well-known "snackbar"

in his hometown, a coastal village near Amsterdam. 

During his studies to become a chef, 

Frank travelled to Australia for a year and

ended up working in the kitchen of Sydney ParkRoyal.

He fell in love with the country and all it had to offer

and the dream was born to one day move to Australia. 

After graduating and years of devotion, 

Frank was inaugurated as one of the youngest Dutch Master Chefs,

the highest achievement possible in the Dutch food industry.


Having worked in several Michelin-star restaurants,

Frank wanted to spread his wings and he continued his career

as a Corporate Executive Chef for an international cruise company.

This is where he met his wife Anne-Marelle (Amy)

and together they decided to settle in Cape Town, South Africa,

where they started a very successful patisserie. 


Years later, it was time to move again for this adventurous couple,

but this time it was to finally follow Frank's dream and move to Australia.

He started working at Spicers Peak Lodge as the Executive Chef,

where he was awarded with a Chef’s Hat. 


Finally, after working in top notch restaurants around the world, 

Frank is back to where it all started: artisan snack food. 

Only this time he is creating the products himself, delicious,

honest food with a gourmet touch.

Our Story

* If you’d like to know more about the Dutch snack culture and the “snackbar”, click on the video below.

Video credit: Holland Holiday - YouTube channel