For the ragout of this iconic croquette we use small cubes of the finest beef. The beef has been slow-cooked for several hours in a strong broth and brought to flavour with fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. 

This handmade croquette is the perfect combination of a creamy ragout, finished with a crunchy coating.


Fun fact: There are two types of croquettes in the Netherlands. This one originates from the northern part of the country and is made by patissiers.


Amsterdam Croquette

PriceFrom $42.00
  • 80grams, 30% meat

    Please note: The products for the air fryer and for the deep fryer are two different products. 

  • Deep fry the product at 180°, using canola, vegetable or sunflower oil. Alternatively, cook the product at 190° in the air fryer with rapid air circulation system. When finished cooking in the air fryer, turn it off, slightly open it and let the product rest for 2 minutes. 

      Frozen Defrosted
    Deep fryer 7 minutes 5 to 6 minutes
    Air fryer 7 to 8 minutes N/A


    The products can pop open when the temperature of the oil is too high or too low, therefore we recommend cooking no more than 3 products in a small deep fryer or 4 products in a larger deep fryer at a time. 

    Let them cool down for 1 to 2 minutes after cooking, the filling can be very hot! Products can not be refrozen once defrosted.