Our "Appelflap" is the delicious combination of flakey puff pastry and sweet apples, raisins and custard with a hint of cinnamon. Just before the "Appelflap" goes into the oven, we sprinkle them with sugar, giving them a crunchy toffee-like finish. 

For your convenience, we have also included a sachet of icing sugar. 

Fun fact: Traditionally, both the "Appelflap" and "Oliebol" are eaten on New Year's Eve/Day in the Netherlands. 

Dutch Apple Turnover "Appelflap"

  • 95 grams

  • Take the “Appelflap” out of the freezer to defrost prior to preparing. 

    The "Appelflap" can be prepared in an air fryer with rapid air circulation or an oven, both on 200°. When the "Appelflap" is ready, plate it up and sprinkle with some of the icing sugar.

      Air fryer Fan forced oven
    "Appelflap" 4 to 5 minutes 4 to 5 minutes