Our "Loempia" is made of layers of free-range chicken, free-range omelette, ham and the freshest stir-fried vegetables all combined in a crispy jacket of homemade ultra-thin pancakes.

Cut them open lengthwise, as per the Dutch tradition, and serve them with soy or chilli sauce.


Fun fact: Lumpia are popular in Indonesia and migrated via Dutch colonialism to the Netherlands, where they grew larger and became a one-dish meal called loempia.

Large Spring Roll "Traditional Loempia"

PriceFrom $35.00
  • 175 grams

  • Deep fry the product at 180°, using canola, vegetable or sunflower oil. Alternatively, cook the product at 190° in the air fryer with rapid air circulation system. It is not recommended to defrost the product prior to cooking. When finished cooking in the air fryer, turn it off, slightly open it and let the product rest for 2 minutes.

      Frozen Defrosted
    Deep fryer 10 minutes 7 to 8 minutes
    Air fryer 12 to 13 minutes N/A


    The products can pop open when the temperature of the oil is too high or too low, therefore we recommend cooking no more than 2 products in a small deep fryer or 3 products in a larger deep fryer at a time. 

    Let them cool down for 1 to 2 minutes after cooking, the filling can be very hot! Products can not be refrozen once defrosted.