Can't choose? Why not have it all! 

Ultimate Box

  • The Ultimate Box contains 18 delicious hand-crafted snacks.


    2 x Amsterdam Croquette

    2 x Pulled Beef Croquette 

    4 x Amsterdam Mini Croquette 

    4 x Pulled Beef Mini Croquette 

    4 x Dutch Cheese Soufflé 

    2 x Large Spring Roll "Traditional Loempia"

    Before cooking, you can recognise the Amsterdam (Mini) Croquette because of it's yellow crumbs and the Pulled Beef (Mini) Croquette because of it's white crumbs. Once the (Mini) Croquettes are cooked you won't be able to see the difference.

  • Deep fry the products at 180°, using canola, vegetable or sunflower oil. Gently flip the cheese soufflé when it starts to float, to cook it evenly. Other products don't need flipping.

      Frozen Defrosted
    Mini Croquette 5 minutes 3 to 4 minutes
    Croquette 7 minutes 5 to 6 minutes
    Dutch Cheese Soufflé 5 to 6 minutes 4 to 5 minutes

    "Traditional Loempia"

    10 minutes 7 to 8 minutes

    The "Traditional Loempia" can also be cooked in an air fryer with rapid air circulation system at 190°. When finished cooking in the air fryer, turn it off, slightly open it and let the product rest for 2 minutes.

      Frozen Defrosted
    "Traditional Loempia" 12 to 13 minutes N/A


    The products can pop open when the temperature of the oil is too high or too low, therefore we recommend cooking no more than 2  regular size products in a small deep fryer or 3 to 4 regular size products in a larger deep fryer at a time. For the mini products we recommend cooking no more than 4 products in a small deep fryer, or 8 in a large deep fryer.

    Let them cool down for 1 to 2 minutes after cooking, the filling can be very hot! Products can not be refrozen once defrosted.